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Powerful, Sophisticated, Avorak

Explore the infinite potential of artificial intelligence within a wide selection of proprietary Avorak solutions. By catering to a diverse range of users, Avorak meets the ever-growing needs of artists, content creators, asset traders, and more, all within a sleek, comfortable, and intelligent platform. Bring your productivity to the next level by utilizing the AVRK token in a vast array of real-world use cases, and discover how Avorak can optimize your workflow today!

A New Paradigm Of AI Solutions

Avorak AI is the premier suite of Artificial Intelligence products that makes it easy to optimize and automate workflow. Our range of AI solutions includes trade bots, chatbots, and image generators that are all powered by blockchain technology.

With Avorak, you can trust that your data is secure and your transactions are facilitated by the latest, most reliable on-chain solutions. Our powerful AI tools are easy to use, so you can quickly get your workflow up and running. Utilize our AI products to make the most of your crypto investments, content creation, copywriting, and more, all within a single platform.

With Avorak AI, imagination is the only limit.

Product Ecosystem

Explore our wide range of proprietary AI solutions to optimize workflow and increase productivity.

Avorak Chat

A fully responsive, self-learning, and human-like chat system with on-demand and intuitive responses to questions and tasks.

Avorak Trade

A sophisticated platform for new and experienced traders to enhance their trading through AI-powered algorithm indicators.

Avorak Create

A set of generative tools that can produce images and text from human-led instruction.

Avorak Trade Bot

Automated trading systems that utilize Avorak Trade indicators for placing and adjusting long and short positions.

ICO Details

Tokens Offered
Min. Purchase
Max. Purchase
Launch Price
Token Distribution
16th July 2023
Phase I Mar 01 - Mar 11
10% Bonus $0.06/token
Phase II Mar 11 - Mar 23
9% Bonus $0.105/token
Phase III Mar 23 - Apr 06
8% Bonus $0.145/token
Phase IV Apr 06 - Apr 22
7% Bonus $0.18/token
Phase V Apr 22 - May 10
6% Bonus $0.21/token
Phase VI May 10 - May 30
5% Bonus $0.235/token
Phase VII May 30 - Jun 21
4% Bonus $0.255/token
Phase VIII Jun 21 - Jul 15
3% Bonus $0.27/token


Avorak AI Technical Documents

A complete list of technical documentation to help users of Avorak AI explore, understand and unlock the full potential of our products and services.


Avorak AI is proud to offer tiered staking pools for all AVRK holders. Using our non-inflationary staking model, holders of AVRK have the opportunity to increase their token balance in a sustainable, efficient, and secure way, all without ever inflating the total limited supply of 40,000,000 AVRK. Maximize your earnings by learning more about Avorak's non-inflationary tiered staking today.

Diamond Pool 12 month term
Minimum Guaranteed APR 14.86%
Maximum Token Staked Limit 10.5 Million
Unstaking Date 16th July 2024
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Platinum Pool 6 month term
Minimum Guaranteed APR 9.07%
Maximum Token Staked Limit 7.5 Million
Unstaking Date 16th January 2024
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Gold Pool 3 month term
Minimum Guaranteed APR 4.00%
Maximum Token Staked Limit 10.0 Million
Unstaking Date 16th October 2023
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Avorak AI True Utility NFT Collection

Explore the all-new collection of utility NFTs created by Avorak AI. Each NFT is a 1-of-1 BEP20 token that provides users exclusive benefits within the Avorak ecosystem. With a unique rarity model, Avorak NFTs provide an exceptional range of collectability, and trading potential along with a wide assortment of actual use cases to their holders.

Avorak Trade: Free Avorak Trade is an advanced trading platform powered by AI and blockchain technology. Avorak Create: 50 Images / Month Free Avorak Create is a cutting-edge AI-powered image creation tool. Avorak Write: 10,000 Words / Month Free Avorak Write is an AI-driven content generation tool that can save you time and effort in creating high-quality written content. Double Revenue Share Avorak AI NFT holders will benefit from an increased allocation of revenue share, based on the number of AVRK tokens held in the same wallet as the NFT. AvCon (Avorak Conference) 2025 - VIP Ticket Avorak AI NFT holders will receive free VIP entry (preliminarily held in Lisbon).
Development Roadmap

What's next for Avorak AI?

View the roadmap for Avorak AI to learn what we are building today, tomorrow and into the future.

Q1 2023 Initial Alpha Stage
  • Complete alpha-stage trading bot development
  • Begin alpha-stage image generation development
  • Start ICO
Q2 2023 Token Launch
  • Begin integrating first-stage products into the chat engine
  • Finish ICO and launch
  • Complete alpha-stage image generation development
Q3 2023 Cross-Network Expansion
  • Develop liquidity and payment viability cross-chain
  • List on key centralized exchanges for maximum worldwide coverage and ease of access
  • Begin trading bot closed beta
  • Begin alpha-stage script creation
Q4 2023 Public Beta Tests
  • Begin the initial Avorak Network validator application process
  • Begin image generation product closed beta
  • Roll-up trading bot closed beta
  • Launch publicly accessible chat engine into 'learning' mode
  • Complete alpha-stage script generation
Q1 2024 Product Fee Generation
  • Roll-up image generation closed beta
  • Begin script creation open beta
  • Launch the fee-paying model with initial products Image Generation, Trading Bot, and full access to the script creation open beta
  • Set up validators for testnet launch
  • Begin alpha-stage integration to Amazon shopping
Q2 2024 Avorak Network
  • Launch Avorak Network testnet
  • Roll-up script creation beta
  • Begin marketing to developers to build on Avorak Network
  • Complete alpha-stage integration to Amazon shopping, begin integration into additional shopping services
Q3 2024 and Beyond Product Expansion
  • Launch Avorak Network mainnet
  • Begin work on Automated Video And Image Editing
  • Begin work on Base Architectural Blueprint Drafting
  • Begin work on 3D Modelling
  • Begin work on Device Management And Security

The Avorak Team

Avorak AI is lead by a team of highly experienced, trained professionals with a proven track record of success. Meet the founders, support staff and advisors of Avorak AI today.

Ree Baek-Hyeon
Co-Founder & CMO

Ree Baek-Hyeon

Co-Founder & CMO

Specializing in digital marketing and online-only business, Ree (or "Ray" to his American friends) is unrivaled when it comes to understanding how and where a tech company needs to market its products. Helping to generate significant revenue from B2B sales drew him to some of the biggest companies going, but his love for the future of technology drew him to cryptocurrency.

Wanting the world to understand the power that blockchain puts into users' hands, Ree took up a number of roles creating marketing strategies for cryptocurrency projects and has thrived in the industry in only a short while.

Marketing 85%
Amanda Giesbrecht
Co-Founder & COO

Amanda Giesbrecht

Co-Founder & COO

Always being the only female in her group of IT peers, Amanda is used to working in a tough environment and being judged more closely on her work. This drive to show ‘the guys’ that women have just as much a place in software development has always resulted in top-quality work that earned her workplaces with world leaders in AI development.

Demand for Amanda's expertise meant she could consult for several companies at a time in a self-employed format, assisting the automotive and humanoid robot industries.

Blockchain 80%
Software Development 82%
Anthony Elsher
Co-Founder & CEO

Anthony Elsher

Co-Founder & CEO

Anthony is a tech head through and through. Starting with building his own computers before age 10 with the help of his father to designing 2d platformer games for high school IT projects, Anthony was destined to be thrust into the forefront of computing technology.

Designing point-of-sale systems and streamlining data throughput are Anthony’s fortes, but his understanding of technical requirements and gaps in the market will also be the driving forces pushing Avorak to the top of the AI industry.

Blockchain 75%
Leadership 90%


Charles Bell
Project Development Manager
Anand Chopra
Blockchain Developer
Karl Lehmann
Machine Learning Specialist

Support Staff

Sirawut Tanantirasakul
Marketing Assistant
Yuxuan Zhou
Software Engineer
Harriet Taylor
Administrative Coordinator
Pieter Kruger
Software Engineer
Terence O'Shea
UI/UX Developer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions by Avorak investors.

What Blockchain is Avorak on?

Avorak will be available on the Binance Smart Chain.

Avorak will be launched on Pancakeswap for all on-chain token trades while utilizing Azbit, LAToken and Coinsbit for all off chain token trades.

AVRK tokens are available to view inside your Avorak account which will in turn be distributed to your receiving wallet prior to launch.

Avorak’s founders are active amongst the most popular social platforms such as Twitter, Telegram and more. Feel free to reach out at any time!

With the exception of the required transaction gas fee for utilising the blockchain, there are no fees or 'taxes' for trading or sending AVRK token.

Although Avorak AI is a team funded project, we are always open to working with our institutional colleagues for specific investment strategies on the condition they remain fair, ethical and mutually beneficial to our public ICO investors.

Contact Avorak Trading Desk

Learn more about our institutional investment opportunities.